Delonde Bell


Keys, piano, drums, bass and guitar.

DeLonde J. Bell is a multi-genre, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter who started out in 1990-something in Chicago as a composer, an original participant of the experimental Sheep Fiends, the keyboardist for anthemic goth group Tears of Isis, and a leader of the acoustic neo-alt-folk act Catfish Hunter.

By the turn of the century, DeLonde moved to Oregon and went solo and released two albums, Pearls and Phoenix Door, drummed for legendary indie-darkpop band Once in the Sun, scored soundtracks for independent films (The Glue that Binds, Behind the Shower Door, Saving Roy, Lord of The Rings) In addition, DeLonde is the bassist for Penguins On A Rock as well as the co-conspirator of Ego and the Ids.

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