Gerald del Campo


Keys, piano, theremin, bass and guitar.

Influenced by melodic and imaginative bands from the true underground alternative musical movement: Joy Division, Bauhaus, The Cure, The Knack, The Police, The Motels, Oingo Boingo, Siouxsie & the Banshees, Cocteau Twins, Dead Can Dance, Concrete Blonde, Human Drama, This Mortal Coil, Sisters of Mercy, Clan of Xymox, The Cult, etc...

Musical Projects

Angeles (Rock 1978-1979)
Ummagumma (Pink Floyd cover band 1980-1983)
Centrifugal  Force (Prog 1983-1985)
Lazarus (Prog Metal 1985-1987)
Nemo (New Wave 1993-1995)
Once In The Sun (Pop/Goth 2001-2004)
Trick Sensei (Psychedelic Rock 2006 to 2011)
Ego and The Ids (Goth 2007 to present)

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